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The products from Mama Care series are safe for pregnant women and don't contain allergens. They bring relief and sense of comfort. 


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    MAMA-CARE BALM FOR BUST 5 IN 1 FOR PREGNANT AND BREASTFEEDING WOMEN. During pregnancy and after birth, skin requires special care and attention. The 5 in 1 balm for the bust provides proper care for the skin during that special time.The carefully selected and precise combination of active ingredients in the formula helps improve the epidermis by...

    $ 10.65

    MAMA-CARE ANTI STRETCH MARKS BALM FOR PREGNANT WOMEN. During pregnancy the skin is prone to excessive stretching and that is why it requires intensive strengthening. Anti stretch marks is designed for women in very early pregnancy as well as after birth. The carefully researched formula of this product helps strengthen the epidermis and reduce the risk of...

    $ 10.65
    Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items