Innovative hydrogel technology
    Eye Pads developed specially
    for  fastidious women.






    A modern series of professional body care products.
    They compose of highly-valued  in cosmetology
    ingredients. Thanks to that the products brings
    the thirsty skin comfort and relief.










    Exceptional care and
    relaxation without
    the necessity to leave home.

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    Makes wrinkles less noticeable Reduces dark circles and puffiness Skin looks youngerThe mask perfectly reaches around the eyes areas thanks to its polished up shape. The black dots massage and stimulate your skin what enables better absorption of active ingredients. Your skin looks smoother and younger just after the application.

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    Elixir consisting of a combination of ingredients visibly reduces dark circles and puffy eyes. It instantly smooths skin even after first use.

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    These products are designed to take care of the areas exposed where stretch marks can mostly occur. The usage of active ingredients  correct skin functioning ensuring appropriate elasticity and smoothness. It also eliminates inflammation of the epidermis and at the same time it increases the skin’s ability to regenerate, improves its firmness and reduces...

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    Created to visibly reduce signs of tiredness around the eye area. Unique mixture of carefully selected ingredients smooths the epidermis, reduces mimic lines and prevents new wrinkles. Skin around the eyes is perfectly moisturized, nourished and looks fresher from the first use.

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    23,36 zł In stock

    Luxurious dual-chamber product made to simultaneously fight wrinkles and improve skin condition. Carefully chosen combination of gel and serum is truly beneficial to mature skin.  - infuses the skin with optimal hydration- leaves your skin relaxed- has an anti-wrinkles effect- improves skin firmness

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    The new-generation fluid with a visible anti-aging effect. In addition to concealing any imperfections of your skin, it perfectly cares for epidermis. Thanks to its active ingredients, it appropriately moisturises your skin and improves its appearance, as well as obscures wrinkles. Easy-to-use, adheres to epidermis and provides an exceptional effect for...

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    Regenerating body butter with a rich content of shea butter, which is highly-appraised in the cosmetics industry, and an innovative discovery, the shea oil. The product is greatly useful for proper skin care.

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    Peel off cream is designed for the modern woman. It works quickly and efficiently without the necessity of mundane and time consuming treatments. Feet Mask - As a result of the precise formulation and combination of glycerine, uric acid, paraffin, Bergama extract, Shea butter and Dermosoft Decalact the treatment is intense and long lasting.

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    Unique skin and hair care product, based on innovative shea butter formula – so called Lipex Shea Clear.  Lipex Shea Clear is a liquid shea oil. It softens and moisturizes the skin, makes hair soft and glossy. Thanks to this special component skin and hair get smooth and silky.

    30,75 zł
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    Efektima is a Polish cosmetics company founded in 2000. It specializes in anti-aging cosmetics for women and men and special body treatments. The company's products are targeted especially for those whose skin requires more intensive care and prevention of negative effects of the passing time. The company observes with great interest the recent developments and trends in the world cosmetics and uses in its production the newest resources that are of utmost efficiency in the fight against time. The cosmetics it offers are dermatologically tested and subjected to application tests, which allows you to believe that all these products have proven quality and high effectiveness.