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SUNTASTIC is a bronzing balm that you are looking for. Exceptionally pleasant scent, doesn’t leave on skin typical for self tanning balms smell.
Doesn’t leave streaks and stains. You just need to spread it evenly on your skin. Absorbs easily, leaving skin pleasing to the touch. Choose degree of tan and use the lotion as often as needed. Perfect preparation to extend your sun tan after the summer. Try it and see for yourself that it is worth it!

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SUNTASTIC SELF-TANING BODY BALM WITH NATURAL VEGETABLE BRONZING INGREDIENT DHA If you would love to have a natural-looking tanWithout damaging your skinWithout streaks and blotchesAlways when you need itIt means that the lotion is ideal for you!The beauty of your skin is our aim. That is way we developed an intelligent self-tanning lotion. Natural...

$ 9.50
Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item