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Our terms and conditions of use.


Wiklinowa str., 91-495 Lodz, Poland

phone.: + 48 42/658-96-77, fax.:+ 48 42/658-97-32


- The Customer can place an order after accepting customer care regulation.
- The Customer can place an order 24 hours a day all year round.
- The Customer is obligated to fill in the "order form" completely.
- In a case when a product is temporarily unavailable, the Customer is informed about the inconvenience and about the necessity to prolong the delivery time. If the Customer is not willing to agree on prolonged delivery time, then s/he can cancel the order or agree for delivery without the unavailable product. Customer is asked to choose another product at the same, or similar price.
- A confirmed order can not be canceled.
- The order processing starts at the latest the next business day following placing an order.
- The prices in the on-line shop offer are in US Dollars. VAT is included in the listed prices (gross prices).
- The online shop has the right to change the prices of the offered goods without notice. The change should not concerned confirmed orders.
- The maximum processing time is 3 business days starting the day which follows the order confirmation. The processing time is a time needed for preparing the goods for delivery. To the total delivery time one should add transit
- The payment method is Paypal.
- Goods are delivered by courier company. The delivery period is 3-7 business days.
- The online shop doesn't take responsibility for not on time deliveries by couriers. If the goods will be not delivered during the time described in section 11, the shop will provide the delivery number on request.
- Every delivery is accompanied by the invoice or bill of sale for confirmation of transaction.
Complains concerning goods
- The Shop as a seller has liability to the client within the meaning of Article 22[1] of Civil Code under warranty specified in Civil Code, particularly in clause 556 and clause 556[1], 556[3] of Civil Code.
- Complains about violation of rights guaranteed by the low or under the hereby Regulation should be referred to sprzedaz@efektima.pl. The shop is obligated to consider every complain during 14 days, and if it is not possible, to inform the Customer when the complain should be considered.
Complains about service supplied by electronic means
- Shop takes action to provide accurate service according to its technical knowledge and is obligated to eliminate any problem reported by Customer in reasonable time.
- Customer is asked to informed the Shop immediately about any technical problems concerning service provided by the On-line Shop
- Problems concerning service provided by the On-line Shop can be reported in writing by using the contact form.
- The complain should contain Customer's name and surname, correspondence address, the date and the description of problem concerning the on-line service.
- The shop is obligated to consider every complain during 14 days, and if it is not possible, to inform the Customer when the complain should be considered.
- Returns of ordered products
Returns or exchanging the product is possible under the following conditions:
Cost of return is covered by the Customer.
- The Shop has 14 day return and exchange policy from the date of delivery. Products must be returned accompanied by the invoice or bill of sale. The Customer should confirm in writing the return or exchange of product. DOWNLOAD FORM

- Products must be returned (for returns and exchanges) unspoiled, in their original packaging, without any signs of using.
- A product can be exchanged only for a product of the same or higher value.
- Customer can withdraw from the agreement with the Shop without stating the reason, by submitting a statement about withdrawing from the agreement. The statement can be compose according to the sample in bookmark "Withdrawing from the agreement" DOWNLOAD FORM
- The customer's personal data is used only in order to proceed through the order process. Customer has the right to add, update and cancel personal data.
- Final provisions
- Any disputes arising between the company EFEKTIMA, based in Lodz, 91-495 , Wiklinowa str. 7 , VAT: PL7262347079, and Customer who is a consumer within the meaning of art. 22 [ 1 ] of the Civil Code , is subject to the relevant courts of justice in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.
- Settlement of any disputes arising between the company EFEKTIMA, and the customer who is not a consumer within the meaning of art . 22 [ 1 ] of the Civil Code, it is subject to the court of justice assignment to the location of the Shop.
Cases not regulated by the Regulation shall be governed by the Civil Code , the provisions of the Act on services by electronic means and other relevant provisions of Polish law.