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Face Masks

Fast and efficiently working face masks. Choose the best option to suit your skin needs. Whether you need: immediately and deeply cleanse your skin, quickly smooth the skin, provide caring ingredients, improve look and condition of epidermis,  smooth the complexion. Take care of your skin and indulge yourself.


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    Face Masks There are 3 products.

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    DIAMOND PEEL-OFF DIAMOND FACE MASK Your skin seems to be grey and tired?Obstructed pores bother you?Your skin needs relaxation?The DIAMOND PEEL OFF MASK provides your skin exquisite relaxation and nursing! Feel how your skin is wondefully smoothed and moisturized. Your skin appears groomed and cared.

    $ 1.50

    GOLD PEEL-OFF GOLD MASK GOLD & HYALURONIC ACID Do you struggle with your skin lacking shine?Do you feel tired and overworked?Or maybe living in stress is nothing unusual for you? If so, this means your skin requires exceptional care.The GOLD PEEL-OFF Mask allows you to have a moment of relaxation and stress relief.It has a smoothing and refreshing...

    $ 1.50

    ROSE PEEL-OFF ROSE FACE MASK Isn’t your skin in need of energy shot?You desire to regain healthy and beaming look?Living in polluted environment have negative impact on your skin? Discover the beauty secret with ROSE PEEL-OFF. The mask visibly improves condition and appearance of epidermis. Helps to regain fresh and radiant look, complexion will be...

    $ 1.50
    Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items