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SALT SCRUB & HEMP OIL regeneration, moisturization, instant skin smoothness If you want to feel the smoothness and comfort of your skin in a quick and pleasant way, choose this salt scrub combined with avocado oil. Salt is one of the most effective scrubbing particles used in scrubs, whereas avocado oil is regarded as one of the best moisturizing and...

$ 0.50 $ 3.50

24K - DAY/NIGHT CREAM 30+ Cream with 24k gold and moisturizing complex allows for obtaining exquisite results. Light formulation of rich composition of active ingredients helps to maintain appropriate skin hydration level and protects against moisture loss. Improves flexibility of epidermis and supports its durability. Smoothing cream nourishes and...

$ 6.75 $ 22.50

SUGAR SCRUB & NIGELLA SEED OIL total comfort, smoothness, moisturization, slight lubrication Do you want immediate and total comfort for your skin, but you do not have time to apply balm after a bath? Then choose this coarse-grained sugar scrub with Nigella seed oil. This perfect combination makes your skin feel immaculately smooth, well-moisturized...

$ 2.50 $ 10.00

PORE&MATT-CONTROL - PORES REDUCING CREAM Specialist facial care cream for skin with large pores. Helps recover the necessary skin balance thanks to its ingredients which regulate the secretion of sebum. With regular use it contributes to the reduction of visible pores and makes skin look more smooth.BEST BY 31.05.2021

$ 6.50 $ 13.00

CAPILLARY-CONTROL COUPEROSE SKIN TREATMENT CREAM Specialist facial care cream, developed with a focus on skin prone to couperose and blushing. Enhances care of skin with visible blood vessels. Additional pigments make reddish areas less visible. Cream for sensitive skin prone to irritation with soothing and softening effect.BEST BY 30.06.2021

$ 6.50 $ 13.00

HYDRO&DRY-CONTROL TONING ANG MOISTURIZING MIST An innovative, specialized moistening  mist for face skin which immediate slakes its thirst and with relief effect wherever you need it.  A perfect choice for dry and sensitive skin.   The skin gets properly moisturized and refreshed.BEST BY 31.05.2021

$ 3.33 $ 6.65

COFFEE MIRACLE NATURAL BODY PEELING Ready to use body peeling with sliming and smoothing effect, helpful in the fight against unwanted cellulite. It will enable you to take care of your skin in professional manner without the necessity to leave home. Coffee beans are carefully selected and specially prepared for cosmetics treatment. The mix of coffee,...

$ 3.30 $ 11.00

DAY/NIGHT CREAM 40+ GOLD 24K & HYALURONIC ACID Cream with 24-carat gold, hyaluronic acid and vitamins lets you obtain excellent results. It forms a kind of beneficial film that protects the skin against negative effects of external factors. It is an anti-wrinkle and regenerating product. It perfectly moisturizes, smooths and conditions your demanding...

$ 6.75 $ 22.50

NIGHT CREAM-MASK GOLD 24K & COMPOSITION OF 7 OILS NIGHT CREAM-MASK GOLD 24K & COMPOSITION OF 7 OILSThe night cream mask with 24-carat gold and a combination of 7 valuable oils lets you obtain excellent results of the so-called night regeneration. It has an anti-wrinkle effect, perfectly regenerates and moisturizes your skin. When you wake up, your...

$ 6.75 $ 22.50

BODY CREAM HEMP OIL & OLIVE OIL Nourishing and regenerating body cream with hemp oil. Created to help to restore the shine and smoothness of your skin. It perfectly conditions and soothes your skin and keeps it in good condition. Recommended for skin prone to irritations. Helps rebuild the hydrolipid coat of the epidermis and restores the proper...

$ 7.35 $ 10.50

ECO MAMA BODY BUTTER7 oils complex:sunflower, argan, flaxseed, macadamia, coconut, olive, avocadoIngredients: water, the other ingredients (56% of ingredients accredited with the ECOCERT certification, 42% of ingredients of plant origin), eco preservative, fragrance. This thick and rich body butter have been developed with our utmost care and concern for...

$ 9.90 $ 14.14
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items