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We offer face and body care cosmetics for women looking for up-to–date and effective preparations. Our mission is to create preparations helping to keep young skin appearance as long as possible. There is wide selection of high quality products in our portfolio, so everyone can find something suitable. Continously, we keep working to meet customer’s expectations that lead us to developing new formulas and preparations. Quality and timelessness are our top priority. See our offer and choose best care for yourself!

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SALT SCRUB & HEMP OIL regeneration, moisturization, instant skin smoothness If you want to feel the smoothness and comfort of your skin in a quick and pleasant way, choose this salt scrub combined with avocado oil. Salt is one of the most effective scrubbing particles used in scrubs, whereas avocado oil is regarded as one of the best moisturizing and...

5,68 zł

COCONUT MIRACLE - BODY OIL Coconut oil is regarded as "the healthiest oil on earth". It`s ideal for skin and hair care. It has nourishing and regenerating properties. It is wonderfully relaxing and helps to improve skin condition almost on the spot. For use on body, hair, palms and nails.

15,04 zł

DIAMOND PEEL-OFF DIAMOND FACE MASK Your skin seems to be grey and tired?Obstructed pores bother you?Your skin needs relaxation?The DIAMOND PEEL OFF MASK provides your skin exquisite relaxation and nursing! Feel how your skin is wondefully smoothed and moisturized. Your skin appears groomed and cared.

2,43 zł

24K - DAY/NIGHT CREAM 30+ Cream with 24k gold and moisturizing complex allows for obtaining exquisite results. Light formulation of rich composition of active ingredients helps to maintain appropriate skin hydration level and protects against moisture loss. Improves flexibility of epidermis and supports its durability. Smoothing cream nourishes and...

36,58 zł

Natural Collagen - natural collagen & lifting ingredients Collagen serum for grey and tired looking skin. It has been created for both lifting and firming. Thanks to used components, the serum helps to provide optimal moisturizing, promotes skin firmness and elasticity, and helps to make skin brighter. It absorbs perfectly feeling skin more tense and...

20,32 zł

Natural HialuHyaluronic acid serum for skin losing its firmness and elasticity. It has been created both to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and stimulate skin regeneration. Thanks to using high-quality components, the serum has an impact on skin in multiple ways: it helps to provide optimal moisturizing, improves skin elasticity, supports...

20,32 zł

Second quality product due to uneven shape (distorted, larger or slightly smaller pads are possible). The composition and properties of the product are the same as for the pads classified as the best quality product.

2,00 zł

COCONUT MIRACLE - BODY BUTTER WITH COCONUT OIL AND JOJOBA OIL Luxurious body butter with coconut oil which is often considered as "oil of beauty".  Coconut Miracle is  suitable for sensitive skin which is more demanding and requires intensive care.  Additionally, it is enriched with jojoba oil.  Our body butter  has positive influences on skin condition,...

13,00 zł

It makes skin imperfections less visible. Skin looks better moisturized and wrinkles are less visible. Easy to use, adheres to epidermis and lasts for many hours.

13,32 zł

It makes skin imperfections less visible. Skin looks better moisturized and wrinkles are less visible. Easy to use, adheres to epidermis and lasts for many hours.

13,32 zł

The new-generation fluid with a visible anti-aging effect. In addition to concealing any imperfections of your skin, it perfectly cares for epidermis. Thanks to its active ingredients, it appropriately moisturises your skin and improves its appearance, as well as obscures wrinkles. Easy-to-use, adheres to epidermis and provides an exceptional effect for...

13,32 zł

COCONUT PEELING WITH COCONUT OIL - FIRMING UP EFFECT Coconut peeling is your new way of improving skin’s firmness.Coconut oil is well-known because of its precious properties and positively influences skin’s condition. Specks of coconut shells will help you to smooth the skin and get rid of dead skin cells. Coconut peeling will become your ally in the...

17,07 zł
Showing 1 - 12 of 46 items